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Check the new photography, fine art and discovered emerging artists artworks across the globe this week.

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Approach to Quality

Photo Auction Group's approach to quality can be condensed down to one phrase: "ensuring our customer success in experiencing or buying art". Please feel free to contact us if you have any question. We are more than welcome to listen to our customers. 

Dave Calkins
Axk Django
Rodrigo Cambará
Jesse O'Leary
Jeongcheol Lee
Javier Ortega
Byeong Ho Choi
Dina Sulaiman
Romina Melero

Vintage Photography

"Historical, collectable, worth, unique and special"

Premium Photography

"Premium, luxurious, valuable, the highest quality in all"

NYC Skyline BW
Tropical Leaves

Environmental impact

An inclusive future takes everyone, including future generations, into account. 

Photo Auction Group has set long-term goals to address the environmental impacts from our products, service and business operations. We look for opportunities to minimise our impact on the environment in every corner of our art business and platforms. 

NYC Skyline BW
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Trust and Responsibility

As the world becomes more reliant on technology, there are more opportunities to connect—and more risks. When we all practise better security and privacy, everyone benefits. Our investments across people, processes, technology, and policies support the security, privacy and resilience of our services, our customers and the global ecosystem. 

Glass Buildings

Photo Auction is an art company specialising in photography and fine art, with cultural content consultants who provide our artwork purchasing experience to our clients. We profile artists, art lovers, collectors and business partners in the world; mainly operating in Australia, The USA, S.Korea and Hong Kong.


Please feel free to contact us for any inquiry about art. We can provide you with 1:1 customised advice on the best artwork for you and useful hints on how to install, style, and look after the artwork in your home or any business.

Photo Auction Group.

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