Jong Soo Kwon

Title Winds (Calligraphy by Byeong In Kang)
Year 2011
Edition 1/10
Size 120 x 120
Medium Lenticular
Price AU $2,495



Alter the first digital camera came into, the image resolution was growing exponentially. Computer monitor"s size and resolution was increased very fast in these days. A few years ago HD television replaces SD television, but before the changing dose does not finish UD television come to the market. There is a new experiment which stitches hundreds of pictures together and the development of gigabyte digital camera. Digital technology revives the stereoscopic images which have many problems in the analogue age. Many fine art photographers show a huge size of pictures and they use computer graphics because it makes a totally new genre of photography. 


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Winds (Calligraphy by Byeong In Kang), Jong Soo Kwon