LOT 050621-3
Artist Jesse O'Leary
Title Cottesloe Beach
Year 2016
Edition         Open Edition




8” x 12” (20cm x 30cm)
12” x 18” (30cm x 46cm)
16” x 24” (41cm x 61cm)
20” x 30” (51cm x 76cm)
23.6” x 35.4” (60cm x 90cm)


Medium             Digital Photography 




8” x 12” (20cm x 30cm) $330 

12” x 18” (30cm x 46cm) $459

16” x 24” (41cm x 61cm) $570 

20” x 30” (51cm x 76cm)  $726

23.6” x 35.4” (60cm x 90cm) $891 


For this photography, the above prices 

include a gallery frame, carefully selected

for the most suitable style. 


Please choose one of the below 3 options:  

1. Satin Black

2. Satin White

3. Satin Wood



*Jesse O’Leary, Photographer BIO:


Jesse O’Leary is a photographer from Perth, Western Australia. A wedding and portrait photographer by trade, Jesse is also a fine art photographer shooting a range of subjects from landscapes, still life, and nude. His work is characterised by his black and white processing, minimalism and often abstract compositions. With an education in video production, Jesse’s nude work is often a still frame in what is a sequence of free flowing movement with the model, helping create abstraction and a unique approach to the timeless genre. Jesse has been shooting his ongoing bodyscape series with subjects in Perth, Western Australia since 2016, having already created a large body of work it is the beginnings of a much larger collection for curation into a book and individual prints.

Cottesloe Beach, Jesse O'Leary