LOT 2077, 2078
Artist Chip Hooper 
Title Davenport Rock
Year 2002
Edition 5/25
Size 60 x 50
Medium gelatin silver print
Price $4,990


Chip Hooper

Born 1962 in Miami, Florida


Chip Hooper’s eight large-scale photographs of the ocean were assembled here under the title “Surf”. These rather kinetic images revealed water caught in motion while also suggesting how quickly our visual metaphors for water can change with painterly shadow plays and expressive gestural effects. Hooper has long drawn inspiration from the sea; his series of photographs capturing the coasts of California and New Zealand take strong visual cues from the landscape photography of Ansel Adams. But in this show, Hooper’s documentary impulse went deeper, as seen in extreme close-ups taken over the last ten years that focus on the nature of water in ways that can only be expressed by the camera.



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Davenport Rock, Chip Hooper


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