LOT 150121-00 UNIQUE  
Artist Bennett Gordon   
Title Bedroom 2020
Year 2020
Edition  Original
Size 12 cm by 15 cm


Price $650   


*About Bennet Gordon


Bennet Gordon is a Gold Coast-based artist, QLD, Australia. He is a mix media artist who focuses on the expression of his world; being unique, creates something special in his own style. He expresses his life and philosophy in his art by concentrating on different medias such as oil paintings, embroidery and sculpture. He often uses particular objects in his art and specialised by drawing various styles of plants and clowns that he sees and is interested in.


*Frames are available in all different styles and sizes, and it can be ordered as an extra cost. Feel free to contact us to learn more about frames and display methods. We are happy to provide 'a customised service' to advise you on the most suitable frame for the picture you are interested in. A picture/drawing can have a very different look according to the different sizes, materials, designs and styles of frames chosen to display it with, as they can change the atmosphere of the whole space in which the picture or drawing is displayed. Our mission is to help our customers achieve the best style for the piece of art, with our professional touch.

Bedroom 2020, Bennett Gordon